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January 12, 2021
March 1, 2019


Family of Poetry

A Memoir

Veronica Michalowski has written an exquisite memoir of her family and transformed it into a work of art. Each member is graced with photographs, taken with simple family cameras, mostly by her father, but there are also formal acknowledgements of graduations and weddings. An artist and poet, Michalowski creates poems for every member of her family, a tribute with love and respect for each one, even for the child who only lives for a short time. All are counted and saluted in this magnificent compilation of family history, a unique gift to the living relatives and for the future generations who will be blessed with the knowledge of where and from whom they came. This, her second book, sets the bar for those who wish to record their family history in a manner compelling even to non-family members.

Georgette Unis
Artist, Poet
Author of TREMORS

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